Schumpeter och den skapande förstörelsen

Hittade följande citat via Dan Johansson på Ratio:

”Economics involves actors. Without actors, there is no play. This truism has been overlooked by modern economists whose universe is people with passive responders to stimuli. If all are price-takers, who sets price? If all behavior is rationally responsive, how can change occur? How can entrepreneurship be modeled? Increasingly, I have come to the view that the role of entrepreneurship has been the most neglected area of economic inquiry, with significant normative implications for the general understanding of how the whole economy works.”

// James Buchanan, år 1986 års mottagare av Sveriges riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne

Vad är väl mer lämpligt än att kombinera detta med lite citat från allas vår husgud Joseph Schumpeter: