Vad sade analytikerna om Polaroid åren innan företaget gick i konkurs?

”Based on the current trajectory of these new product launches, it’s becoming clear that Polaroid is poised to deliver solid revenue growth over the next several years.”
Prudential, juli 1999

“We are upgrading Polaroid to Outperform from Neutral based on the company’s new product performance…”
Morgan Stanley, januari 2000, mindre än två år innan företaget går I konkurs!

”Digital is nothing but net for Polaroid… we continue to believe that instant is less susceptible to digital inroads, as the demographic profile of the typical instant camera user is significantly biased toward low-income users.
CSFB, februari 1998

Smith Barney, August 14, 1991: “There are excellent opportunities for Kodak and other film manufacturers to develop hybrid systems that combine the best characteristics of chemical and electronic imaging. The Photo CD is a good example of a hybrid system that we believe will extend the life of 35mm film substantially.”